Dhaalu atoll consists of 56 islands, of which 7 are inhabited with a population of roughly less than 7,000 people. The capital of Dhaalu Atoll, located at the atoll’s southern tip, is called Kudahuvadhoo and is a busy fishing centre. Dhaalu Atoll is easily accessible through regular domestic flights from Velana International Airport to Dhaalu Airport, and via local ferry services. The northern side of the atoll is where the “Jewellers’ Islands”, Rinbudhoo and Hulhudheli are located; these islands are well-known for their goldsmiths and silversmiths.

Resorts in Dhaalu Atoll are particularly popular amongst tourists as the diving spots offered are world-class - wide channels for beginners, deeper caves for advanced divers - there is something for everyone! There are also various drop-offs to explore, diverse anemone corals and reef houses, moray eels, rays, reef sharks, colourful gobies, tuna… and more.

Kudahuvadhoo houses remnants of a large Buddhist temple which was destroyed when Islam was introduced into the country. It serves as a touching reminder of a previous religious era in the country. There are also old mosques with intricate carved details, and graveyards with fine tombstones.

Map of Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives