Raa Atoll comprises 90 islands, of which 17 are inhabited. It includes Northern Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll and the island of Alifushi (famous for carpentry and boat building). The capital of Raa Atoll is called Ungoofaaru. This atoll is located close to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, meaning that tourists who visit resorts or islands in this atoll can have access to the manta ray sanctuaries in Baa Atoll itself as well.

The western side of this atoll is composed of “farus”, while the central region has many coral patches, some of which are in low-lying areas, making it somewhat difficult to navigate. The north side of the atoll is comparatively clear of reefs.

Raa Atoll is well-known for its excellent diving, sailing and surfing spots. Diving here is especially popular amongst tourists due to its unique geographical and topographical features, the unspoiled, submerged islands and underexploited dive sites. This allows diverse marine life to be observed without many other disturbances.

Map of Raa Atoll, Maldives